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Submitted on
October 27, 2013


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It's been three and a half years
with no promises of a steady career.
Why do you blame your problems on your upbringing?
Don't you care about the hearts you're breaking?
I don't expect you to.
You're too caught up in all your own issues to wonder what we go through.
Your unusual addictions will only bring further destruction.
Go ahead, leave us to boil in hell's cauldron.
May it and your shallow dreams keep you warm.
It hurts too much to watch how you transform.
As long as others adore you any vocation will do.
Your never ending ego will be the end of you,
that and the delusions you daily pursue.
There isn't enough false love in the world to satisfy the dead heart rotting in your chest.
Can't you realize how much you were blessed?
Aren't we three enough?
Or will we be, when the waters finally get rough?
Time is ticking.
The ground is shifting and you're doing nothing but sitting.
The life you want doesn't exist without hard work or at least some.
It's hard for you to understand, you who think he's already aquired saintdom.
I'll share with you one secret.
You already know it.
Accept God's love and hear what He has to say.
It's sad to think I may never see you again.
All we have are the memories from way back then.
Before your true colors began to show.
Before the inconceivable deathblow.
Will we meet again? I don't know.
Will you ever change? The answer is probably no.
Do I still love you brother? Yes, even through all the sorrow.
Don't try to explain if it ends in an excuse.
I don't want to know what you've used to make your own noose.
In case we never meet again before either you or I die
I'll go ahead and say goodbye.

Brother Where Art Thou?by TeaTimeTurtle

Literature / Poetry / Family Life / Songs & Lyrics©2013-2014 TeaTimeTurtle
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